Fresh Doubts about Russian ‘Hacking’

Exclusive: The gauzy allegations of Russia “hacking” the Democrats to elect Donald Trump just got hazier with WikiLeaks’ new revelations about CIA cyber-spying and the capability to pin the blame on others, reports Robert Parry. By Robert Parry WikiLeaks’ disclosure of documents revealing CIA cyber-spying capabilities underscores why much more skepticism should have been applied... Continue Reading →


Before Elections, Dutch Fear Russian Meddling, but Also U.S. Cash

AMSTERDAM — The parochial world of Dutch elections is not often seen as a hotbed of foreign intrigue. But in recent months, an unexpected worry has emerged: the influence of American money. The country’s fast-rising far-right leader, Geert Wilders, is getting help from American conservatives attracted to his anti-European Union and anti-Islam views. David Horowitz,... Continue Reading →

Trump, Russia and a Watergate Veteran’s Deja Vu

By Albert R. Hunt Here are two cardinal Washington rules. When a politician declares that something is "much ado about nothing," it's about something. And when politicians lie, it's because they're trying to hide something. This brings us to the Trump-Russia connection, which President Donald Trump charges has been distorted by "fake news" manipulators conducting a... Continue Reading →


EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has faced pro-Russian chants in the Serbian parliament. Members of the nationalist Radical Party shouted down the ex-Italian foreign minister as she tried to address parliamentarians. She was in the Balkans to boost EU ties with the region. “We care about Serbia, we care about its present and about... Continue Reading →

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