Why Russia May Win in Libya


What snapshot best captures the insanity of America’s approach to the Middle East? The most obvious answer is the war in Iraq—a country in which we’re still bogged down almost fourteen years after overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Another is the Syrian Civil War, where many factions are running around with American-supplied weapons—including the former Al Qaeda franchise andHezbollah.

But for my money, our Mideast folly is best illustrated by the region’s next-door neighbor, Libya. In that country, a civil war is deepening between an American-backed government and a previously American-backed general. The former is the United Nations–endorsed Government of National Accord (GNA), which was sealifted over from Tunisia last spring. The interim government has since failed to exert control over even the capital city of Tripoli. The latter is Khalifa Haftar, a prior ally of Muammar el-Qaddafi, who later defected and engineered several failed attempts at toppling the regimewhile living in Virginia. The GNA is dismissed by many in Libya…

(Cont) The National Interest


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