Here is Marine Le Pen’s project for France translated in english.

Фото Oleg Gruzdev.

“To put France right in five years – this is the commitment I am making. My project contains 144 essential measures, which will be detailed as the campaign progresses. By presenting them in this way, I want to give you the opportunity to scrutinise what I intend to do as Head of State during my five-year term. Without these checks, there can be no healthy democracy. The aim of this project is first and foremost to give France back its freedom and to give the people a voice. For it is in your name, and for your benefit alone, that any national policy should be conducted. I also want to give the French people their money back because, for far too many years, our social and taxation policies have impoverished the middle and working classes, whilst enriching multinational corporations and wasting public money on totally uncontrolled immigration. My project, as you can see, consists of a genuine revolution of proximity. Democratic proximity: I want decisions to be taken at a level as close to our citizens as possible and under their control. Economic proximity: this means rethinking our territorial development, making sure there are public services everywhere, relocating our companies and therefore our jobs. No French person, no corner of France, including the Overseas Territories, for which I have already presented a complete programme, will be forgotten. As you are aware, this election will confront two visions. The “globalist” choice on the one hand, which is the vision shared by my all my adversaries, which seeks to destroy the economic and social balances in our society, which wants to abolish all borders – economic and physical – and which wants ever more immigration and less cohesion between the French people. On the other hand, there is the patriotic choice, which I am representing in this election, which places the defence of the nation and the people at the heart of all public decisions and which, above all else, wishes to protect our national identity, our independence, the unity of the French people and the prosperity of all. This choice between two basic visions is the choice that you will be facing – it is a choice of civilisations. And it is one that will govern our children’s future… “



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