While Donald Trump flirts with Russia, Eastern Europe prepares to be betrayed again

Telegraph: Восточная Европа готовится к тому, что её снова предадут

As Eastern Europe shivered in one of its coldest winters for years a chill ghost of history added its bite to the frigid atmosphere. The ghost is that of the 1945 Yalta Agreement and the chill comes from fears that a strong Putin-Trump relationship might lead to another division of Europe between east and west, and the return of Moscow’s domination.

Eastern Europeans hear Trump’s words of fondness for the Russian leader and worry that this, along with an apparent desire to introduce drastic changes to American foreign policy, could usher in a new era of Yalta.

The original agreement, struck between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt in the dying months of the European war, handed Eastern Europe to the evils of Soviet control with no consultation with the states involved. For countries like Poland, which had suffered so much and fought so hard for liberty, Yalta was the cruellest of betrayals….



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