DEXIT BLOCK: Europhiles push through plans which would STOP vote from ever happening

Картинки по запросу дания

EUROPHILE Danish politicians are planing to push through a deal which would block a European Union (EU) referendum ever talking place in Denmark.

Britain’s momentous vote to unshackle itself from Brussels in June last year sparked calls for a Dexit – a Danish exit from the bloc.

But now meddling officials from The Danish Social Liberal Party and The Alternative and the Socialist Left Party are calling for a parliamentary agreement, which would see all pro-EU parties agree to never putting the country through an in/out referendum.

They argue a close relationship with Brussels helps to secure Denmark’s economy.

The move would scupper plans by the eurosceptic Danish People’s Party (DPP) who have renewed their calls for a vote, saying theEuropean Union is Denmark’s biggest threat.

Morten Østergaard, leader of the Social Liberal Party, said: “We suggest that the seven parties in parliament which would all like Danish membership of the EU to continue once and for all state that there will be no Danish vote on our EU membership.”

The three parties hope to get the Liberal Party, the Liberal Alliance and Conservative People’s Party on board with their plan.

This would leave the DPP and the Red Green Alliance, The Red-Green Alliance (RGA) – the most left-wing party in the Danish Parliament, who are both eurosceptic.

DPP leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl previously said the “EU has made its bed” by underestimating the growing Euroscepticism across Europe.

He said: “I also believe Danes should, of course, have a referendum on whether we want to follow Britain or stay in the EU.”



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