27 feb.

We slowly began to sell


26 feb.

Next week. The data that will be released on Thursday, the EU statistical agency, is expected to show that the annual inflation in the eurozone in February exceeded the ECB’s target level for the first time since January of 2013


24 feb.

we will sell EUR/USD.
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in an interview with Wall Street Journal, that the economic crisis in Greece is a European problem


22 feb.

eur/usd don`t buy


21 feb.

We are closed. Profit 80 points.


19 feb.

We plan to decrease the pair next week. Do not forget to put “stop” on 20, 30 points.


17 feb.

Friday. We closed with a small profit on a pair of eur/usd.
Profit 55 points.



16 feb.

Slow start sales, Stop is placed +20 points.




February 13.

The US dollar rose on Monday, as traders expect the speech of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen to be held later this week.
The dollar index Wall Street Journal, which tracks the US currency against a basket of other major currencies, was up 0.3% to 91.18.
Speech Yellen is scheduled for Tuesday in the Senate on Wednesday in the House of Representatives. Investors will be watching for comments on the subject of Yellen, the Fed could raise rates next time.



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